Why I Will Never Make A Pink Gin

Hmmm, well that lasted one year! When I started making Test Valley Gin in February 2017 people started asking me if I also made a pink gin. I didn’t! I just made one gin and that was going to be it. Then I made Spire Gin. That was going to be it. But people kept asking. I always said no. Pink Gin was everything I wasn’t! Some pink gins contain as much sugar as Cola, I don’t use sugar. Pink gins have flavourings and colourings, I don’t use either. But as people kept asking I got thinking. If you make gin for a living then surely I could make whatever I want? (I can be a bit slow sometimes!) So why don’t I make a pink gin without all the nasties? So I had a try and came up with Summer Solstice Gin.

Test Valley Gin was all about being local. So looking a little further afield with Stonehenge just down the road, I used that as inspiration. The joy of the Solstice meant I could do 2 gins – and I love an excuse to make a gin – so how to make a pink gin without colours or flavours or sugar? Colour was the first issue; I tried beetroot powder. Not great. Then whilst having a calming cup of herbal tea I thought of hibiscus flowers! They’re fabulous. They have a lovely earthy taste but more importantly such a beautiful colour. 

Next up was flavour. Strawberries are synonymous with summer so they had to go in there. I wanted a bit more juiciness too so gave dried elderberries a go. And hey presto; pink gin. All natural, loads of flavour and no sugar or nasties. I figure if people would like a sweeter drink, then they can drink the gin with lemonade too!

If you’d like to give my pink Summer Solstice Gin a go, here are some ideas:

Standard g&t

  • Loads of ice in a gorgeous glass (the more ice the slower it melts and less it dilutes the drink)
  • 50 ml Summer Solstice Gin
  • 150ml ish of Fever-tree tonic ( you can always add a bit more, but you can’t take it out!)
  • Garnish with a handful of frozen berries

Sweeter option

  • As above but swap the tonic for lemonade or pink lemonade or cream soda.

Cheeky serve

  • 25 ml Summer Solstice Gin in a champagne flute
  • Top up with prosecco 
  • Make sure you have nothing else to do that day!

So that’s it! Pink Gin with no sugar or nasties. Let me know what you think! 

Cheers and happy sipping,

Kate xxx

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