How To Drink Hot Cross Bun Gin

Ha! I’m not sure you need too much info about how to drink gin; you have chosen to read a blog about gin so you’re probably already quite clued up! 

But I’d love to tell you a bit about my Hot Cross Bun Gin and why it’s different from the rest. 

Firstly it’s all about me! I make the all the Wessex Spirits’ Gins. Me myself and I. All by hand, with love here at my Gin Palace in Hampshire. I have a bit of help with the bottling and labelling (done by my mother-in-law!) but everything we do here is done because we love this little business. 

Anyway back to the gin. Secondly the Hot Cross Bun Gin is a proper full strength gin infused with the flavours of hot cross buns, but without the sugar (and bread). I use sultanas, fresh orange and lemon zest and some cloves for a warm spiciness. I absolutely love working with cloves, they work so well with gin and the citrus just adds a freshness to the warmth.

Here at The Gin Palace bar we serve the Hot Cross Bun gin with ginger ale (which adds a bit of sweetness), a slice of orange and a sprinkle of cinnamon over the top. Easy. If you’re having guests over and want to impress them even more try this: 

Easter Martini recipe:

  • 50ml Hot Cross Bun Gin
  • 15ml White Vermouth
  • Squeeze of lemon

  1. Pop into a shaker with some ice – give it a good shake 
  2. Strain into a Martini glass or something equally fabulous
  3. Garnish with lemon zest (just use a potato peeler and peel some of the skin over the glass to get all those lovely lemon oils in your drink)

If you’re feeling super flashy (and brave; maybe try this after an Easter Martini(!))

  1. Grab one of your kids small easter eggs when they’re not looking
  2. Dip a knife in boiling water
  3. Use the hot knife to slice the top off the easter egg
  4. Make your Hot Cross Bun Gin and ginger ale inside the easter egg
  5. Drink and gobble before anyone notices. YUM.

I popped this gin in a smaller 35cl bottle so it also makes a great gift if you can bare giving it away. A lovely alternative to a posh easter egg for a grown up. 

I’d love to hear your recipes and perfect serves for the Hot Cross Bun Gin too. Just drop me a line.

Cheers and happy sipping,

Kate xxx

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